Sep 11

Keegan DeWitt | Colour

Don’t stop

I’m getting a slight Matt Pond PA vibe on the latest track from one of New York (by way of Oregon)’s finest, Keegan DeWitt - it’s partially the tempo, partially the intricacy of the guitarwork that brings MPPA to mind, but there’s no doubt this is entirely DeWitt's handiwork. This gets me excited for some more material from the man - ever since I hearing Say La La last summer he’s been big on my radar.

Far as I can tell, Colour is an exclusive track not present on any recordings, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit an EP or 7” at some point. Colour follows Islands and, more recently, the absolutely incredible Nothing Shows. You can also find him on Daytrotter (thrice, even!), as it seems he’s developed a great relationship with ‘em. Check the Daytrotter Barnstormer montage below set to another unreleased track from the singer-songwriter. You can also find him on twitter and/or at his website.

Keegan DeWitt | Thunder Clatter (Daytrotter Barnstormer Memory Montage)

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