Feb 04


In my humble opinion, bandcamp is becoming the bastion of underhyped, under-the-radar gems of a wondrous kind, where the music, simply presented, is ripe for the picking in vast amounts. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the high-profile releases (I do, to be sure) but there’s an element at play in sleeper albums like the previously posted Corridors, or my persistent favorite New Animal. Now I get to add Flights to the list.

Anywhere But Where I Am is a piece of work that needs to be heard in a complete, unbroken listen. Taller is a great example of what I mean - a listen from beginning to end has the song unfolding from its opening acoustic riff into a tapestry of sound that is subtle, intricate and masterfully done. The claps in the background by song’s end can almost be missed, but fill the song out so well it’s an absolute joy to listen to. Altogether, the whole album listens extremely well at its own pace, slowing life down to those calmer, unhurried, more reflective moments. Not to be missed.

The whole thing can be picked up at a name-your-own-price via bandcamp, which is an absolute steal for music this good. Support these guys!

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