Jan 30

January ‘11 Music Roundup

January marked a change of pace for 1000x/minute, particularly in two ways: the new site layout (once again, done by my good friend fictionalhead) helped me feel a little bit more comfortable in my clothes here, and my decision to add more commentary to the music & videos has certainly filled the page out nicely (though it’s been a challenge for my writing skills). No matter the change, however, the music keeps on coming as awesome as ever.

So here are the top tracks posted on 1000x/minute during the month of January. Follow the links to mediafire by left-clicking, or download the entire thing in a .zip file here. Enjoy! It’s been a great month.

01. Akron/Family | Silly Bears
02. Annabel | The Forgetting of Names & Faces
03. Apex Manor | Under The Gun
04. Cloudy Busey | Pound Your Town To Hell
05. Coma Cinema | Whatevering
06. Digits | Lost Dream
07. Ducktails | Killin’ The Vibe (feat. Panda Bear)
08. Duke Garwood | Summer Gold
09. Eric & Magill | All Those I Know
10. The Forms | Fire To The Ground (feat. Matt Berninger)
11. Generationals | Say For Certain
12. Loney Dear | Loney Blues
13. Memory Tapes | Today Is Our Life
14. STRFKR | Bury Us Alive
15. Toro Y Moi | Still Sound

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 112 MB]

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