Feb 28

February ‘11 Music Roundup

February was pretty formidable this year - the one-two punch of Arcade Fire winning their grammy and Radiohead's album announcement/release within a week were kind of a big deal. But at the ground level, there was a lot of great music that still crossed my path. This month also marks some awesome new opportunities showing up for 1000x/minute (both locally and a bit beyond) which has been exciting for me, to say the least.

Anyway, the following are the top songs posted on 1000x/minute for the month of February. Grab each individual track below (left-click), or download the whole package in one go here (also left-click). Party on.

01. 1,2,3 | Riding Coach
02. Alex Winston | Locomotive
03. French Films | Take You With Me
04. Ghost Heart | Wilderness
05. J Mascis | Is It Done
06. Jookabox | Drops
07. Maggie Eckford | Asleep
08. New Animal | Other Side
09. NewVillager | LightHouse
10. Panda Bear | Last Night At The Jetty
11. Scattered Trees | A Conversation About Death On New Year’s Eve
12. Silver Swans | Secrets
13. The Dodos | Don’t Stop
14. The End Of America | Fiona Grace
15. Zoo Kid | Out Getting Ribs

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 95 MB]

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