Mar 31

March ‘11 Music Roundup

Well, April’s on its way - while we brace ourselves for the annual April Fools day tradition and (hopefully) much warmer weather, March definitely left its mark. Our children will forever not know a world without Rebecca Black (video analysis via OTI here), but despite the Black plague some of us are finding the strength to move on and listen to some pretty solid music.

Anyways, here are the top songs posted on 1000x/minute for the month of March. Grab each track below (left-click), or download the entire package in one fell swoop here (left-click, follow link) or in smaller chunks: Part I, Part II. Rock on.

01. Alameda | New Leaf
02. Billy Comfort | Wonder Of We (feat. Steffaloo)
03. Craft Spells | You Should Close The Door
04. The Donkeys | Don’t Know Who We Are
05. Gardens & Villa | Black Hills
06. The Gift | Made For You
07. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit | Codeine
08. Joywave | Hang With Me (Robyn Cover)
09. KAUF | Relocate
10. Lab Coast | Really Realize
11. Lemons Are Louder Than Rocks | Things Are Happening 
12. Oupa | Forget
13. Spirit Spine | Ocean Of Sand
14. Summer Fiction | Chandeliers
15. Valentiger | Frozen Dozing

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 116 MB - Smaller chunks: Part I, Part II]

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