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April ‘11 Music Roundup

I’d venture to say that April was a fairly normal month, at least in terms of new music. But looking at the list of recommended tracks from the past 30 days does have me pretty psyched for artists like KAUF (whose only two recordings have found consistent airtime on my ‘pod since I first heard ‘em), New Animal, and singer/songwriter like Toby Burke, whose music reaches somewhere down deep inside and haunts me.

All that said, here are the top songs posted on 1000x/minute for the month of April. Grab each track below (left-click), or download the entire package in one swing right here. (left-click, follow link) or in smaller chunks: Part IPart II. Need more? Here are the music roundups for March, February & January.

01. Armand Margjeka | Alive
02. Butcher The Bar | Bobby
03. California Wives | Tokyo
04. The Dogs | Dance More
05. The Glass Canoe | What A Green Taste
06. Isaac Lister | Hunting For Witches (Bloc Party Cover)
07. KAUF | When You’re Out
08. Matt Pond PA | Love To Get Used
09. New Animal | Lazy Summer
10. The Silversmiths | Come On
11. Stepdad | My Leather, My Fur, My Nails
12. Sutja Gutiérrez | Borderline (Hell, I’m The)
13. Toby Burke | Cantina Crawl
14. Typhoon | CPR/Claws Pt. 2
15. Work Drugs | Curious Serge

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 116 MB - Smaller chunks: Part IPart II]

*Note: I go to great lengths to make sure these tracks are freely offered by each artist. If you like any of the songs, please consider supporting them! I’ve linked each band name back to a site where you can either purchase or download their music for free.

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