Jun 01

May ‘11 Music Roundup

While my regular posting schedule got somewhat disrupted this month, the good stuff still came through. In particular I’ve been digging the sole track from Black Light Dinner Party, the majestic Great Ones from Dakotafish, The Neighborhood's sparse-but-groovy I Won’t Get You Down, and a number of other solid indie/electronic tracks. Regular favorite Frank Fairfield even showed up (apparently there’s a documentary being made about him)!

So here are the top songs posted on 1000x/minute for the month of May. Click on each band name for the related post, grab each track below by left-clicking, or download the entire package in one swing right here (left-click, follow link). Smaller chunks: Part I, Part II. Need more? Here are the music roundups for April, March, February & January.

01. Black Light Dinner Party | Older Together
02. Camp Island | Karate Kastle
03. Centro-matic | Only In My Double Mind
04. Chad VanGaalen | Peace On The Rise
05. Dakotafish | Great Ones
06. Daniel Isaiah | High Twilight
07. Duquette Johnston | Roll Baby Roll
08. Frank Fairfield | Poor Old Lance
09. Hospital Ships | Reprise
10. Labyrinth Ear | Walk On The Moon (Arthur Russell Cover)
11. Lost Lander | Cold Feet
12. The Neighborhood | I Won’t Get You Down
13. Tyson | Love’s On The Line
14. Virgin Of The Birds | Let Me Be Your Bride
15. Zachary Cale | Mourning Glory Kid

Also, very honorable mention goes to Brother Tiger and his track Like Water. The song is up at his bandcamp for a very reasonable asking price of $1. It would have gone on the mix, but since it’s not pre-cleared I didn’t want to just give it away. Support him directly!

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 114 MB - Smaller chunks: Part I, Part II] - or listen to the whole mix on 8tracks!

*Note: I go to great lengths to make sure these tracks are freely offered by each artist. If you like any of the songs, please consider supporting them! I’ve linked each band name back to a site where you can either purchase or download their music for free.

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