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June ‘11 Music Roundup

So here once again are the top songs posted on 1000x/minute for the past month. As usual, there’s a mix of electronic, folk, punk, etc. - basically whatever moved me upon hearing it.This is out of the blue, but I’ve been struggling lately with the music I like. Is it too poppy/easy to listen to? There are times I purposely avoid songs/artists because of fear of “twee-ness”, but I guess deep down what I’d really like is to be challenged in my listening to find the true gold. Hm. Thoughts?

Anyway, click on each band name for the related post, grab each track below by left-clicking, or download the entire package in one swing right here (left-click, follow link). Smaller chunks: Part IPart II. Need more? Here are the music roundups for MayAprilMarch,February & January.

01. Balam Acab | Oh, Why
02. Beirut | East Harlem
03. Cloudy Busey | Broken By Inertia
04. Doug Hoyer | Oh, The Wind Will Blow (feat. Jessica Jalbert)
05. Gardens & Villa | Star Fire Power
06. I Am Oak | Curt
07. Joywave | Ridge
08. King Post Kitsch | Fante’s Last Stand
09. Male Bonding | Bones
10. Pepper Rabbit | "Rose Mary Stretch"
11. Stepdad | Magic Stones
12. The Echo-Friendly | Same Mistakes
13. The Unsacred Hearts | The Honor Bar
14. With Hidden Noise | Don’t You Know
15. Zomby | Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 114 MB - Smaller chunks: Part IPart II] - or listen to the whole mix on 8tracks!

*Note: I go to great lengths to make sure these tracks are freely offered by each artist. If you like any of the songs, please consider supporting them! I’ve linked each band name back to a site where you can either purchase or download their music for free.

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