Jul 05

Jesse Rifkin & Will Stratton | You Are The Blades

Caught wind of this magical, acoustic (and FREE) EP via slowcoustic's twitter account - it was a few years ago that he turned me on to some Will Stratton demoes that I still queue up to this day because they speak to me on a different level. Jesse Rifkin (of The Wailing Wall) was a new name to me - apparently the two are heading off on a short tour throughout the Northeast in July. As for the EP itself, according to their joint bandcamp:

This EP was recorded at Jesse's apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn on a weekend in May 2011. The first and third songs are his, and the second and last songs are Will's. Will and Jesse both play on all tracks. The recording was engineered and mixed by Will, and then it was reproduced in a limited, handmade edition of 50 by Jesse. These copies are to be sold on the road from July 7th through July 11th, 2011.

The track above, You Are The Blades features Will's vocals up front and once again reminds me how much I love a good acoustic song. You can find more Will Stratton at his bandcamp/website/twitter and more Jesse Rifkin at his website, and once again you can grab the EP for free here.

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