Jul 09

Elite Gymnastics | o m a m o r i

Minneapolis-based Elite Gymnastics have Korean on their album cover, Japanese song titles, and a full load of psychedelic, laid-back techno in their 2-part Ruin EP, perhaps making them some of the sweetest music-making nerds I’ve heard in quite a while. Omamori is a Japanese word for “protection” and usually refers to shinto amulets that are meant to invoke safety. I’ve seen plenty while in a friend/coworker’s car during my couple of years overseas.

As stereogum explains:

…the first set is six tracks of occasionally hazed and new wave tracks that, at 100 to 140BPM and an athletic pulse are otherwise perfectly calibrated for clubs or intense aerobics; the second recasts mostly the same songs in half-time, making it a sorta chopped and screwed sequel/companion for the cooldown or the comedown…

Go ahead and grab the entire Ruin EP over at their tumblr, and check out their video for is this on me? below:

Elite Gymnastics | is this on me?

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