Jul 12

The Earth Is A Man | Dymaxion

It’s not always easy to get into instrumental music - I feel like most of the emotion is conveyed best through a live performance, making it hard at times to engage with the recorded material. So when an instrumental track grabs my attention (which happens quite often with bands like Balmorhea or Explosions In The Sky) it makes me take notice.

Dymaxion, the lead single off of The Earth Is A Man's self-titled post rock album released this past February, is one of those songs. I've said before that there are times when a guitar solo can say something more than words, so when an entire song feels like a series of intricate and amazing guitar solos that create an overall positive sound, there's a good chance it's worth hearing. 

You can hear more from Chicago’s math/post/prog rock foursome through their tumblr and you can pick up and/or sample the rest of their album via their bandcamp. Also, here’s what dymaxion means, if you were curious.

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