Jul 13

Contrakids | Come Over

…I will haunt you

I’m not sure I’ve heard any songs lately which so accurately capture such a pure sense of wonder as Contrakids have done. Sydney’s synthpop trio currently have only 3 songs over at their soundcloud, but all three make me feel like I should stargaze on impulse, or drive down a quiet country road at night and paint the air with their fresh, synthed-out spacey jams.

It seems so simple, but there’s something vastly alluring here, hopefully even to the staunchest critic of vocoded (is that a word?) material. It’s more like a tool used to accentuate and create a stratospheric melody as opposed to a cover-all for artists who can’t sing. So, yeah, auto-tune there may be, but Rebecca Black this ain’t.

Hear all of their music at soundcloud (I’ve also embedded I Needed You below) and pray they’re working on more.

Contrakids | I Needed You

(track via faronheit; heads up via tympanogram & others)

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