Jul 22

Release The Sunbird | Always Like The Son

In the hour of your demise you asked if you’d be fine.

Fans of Rogue Wave will recongnize Zach Rogue's voice immediately, floating over the tones of his acoustic guitar. Release The Sunbird is a side project of the frontman for the popular indie pop/rock group, and while Rogue Wave's 2010 album Permalight wasn’t really my favorite, Asleep At Heaven’s Gate still gets airtime from me, and I think much of it has to do with Zach finding his musical niche.

This Sunbird project (though, according to the website bio it’s neither “solo” nor a “side project”) was completely unknown to me until fellow blogger twentyfourbit posted a gorgeous live video take on his page for the track Running Away From Me (also posted below) and in my quick research, this is turning out to be one of my more anticipated releases for the year. According to the website bio, the album entitled Come Back To Us is a re-introduction to an artist whose musical voice you thought you already knew." I can dig it. Plus, it’s coming out next week!

Check out the track above and grab it for *free* here. You can grab a bit more info on the album Come Back To Us, set for release on July 26th via Release The Sunbird's website. And, via twentyfourbit and intheopen.tv, enjoy the video for Running Away From Me (with harmonies from Kate Long) below:

Release The Sunbird | Running Away From Me

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