Jul 31

July ‘11 Music Roundup

Here’s the monthly installment of standout tracks posted on 1000x/minute, this time for July. Electronic music has persisted as a major trend for me this year (with some heavy hitters on this month’s lineup), but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like cranking up the distortion levels on a guitar/amp and belting out a melody. This month features a fair mix of the two, plus some acoustic gold thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, click on each band name for the related post, grab each track below by left-clicking, or download the entire package in one swing right here (left-click, follow link). Smaller chunks: Part IPart II. Need more? Here are the music roundups for JuneMayAprilMarchFebruary & January.

01. Active Child | Hanging On
02. Army Navy | The Long Goodbye
03. Atlas Genius | Trojans
04. Black Light Dinner Party | Small Boxes
05. Contrakids | Come Over
06. Elite Gymnastics | Omamori
07. Fair Ohs | Baldessari
08. Gauntlet Hair | Top Bunk
09. M83 | Midnight City
10. Pallers | Come Rain, Come Sunshine
11. Real Estate | It’s Real
12. Release The Sunbird | Always Like The Son
13. The Earth Is A Man | Dymaxion
14. The Tallest Man On Earth | Weather Of A Killing Kind
15. Will Stratton | You Are The Blades

[Grab all 15 tracks at once by left-clicking here. Size: 126 MB - Smaller chunks: Part IPart II] - or listen to the whole mix on 8tracks!

*Note: I go to great lengths to make sure these tracks are freely offered by each artist. If you like any of the songs, please consider supporting them! I’ve linked each band name back to a site where you can either purchase or download their music for free.

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