Aug 25

Oberhofer | Gotta Go

Last year NYC’s Oberhofer burst onto the scene with a fabulous 7-song self-titled EP that exploded with energy and, had I done a list of my favorite 2010 EPs, would have risen to just below the (frankly, unbeatable) ARMS EP. I loved the way the lead singer sung with heft and would punctuate each song with “oo”s and other strange noises. Gotta Go has a bit more of a full-band, slightly more produced effect to it, but is undoubtedly their unique style of what they call “coincidence pop”.

Gotta Go is part of the Gotta Go/Mawhun 7” being released by White Iris on October 4th (same day as this). Grab it here or via the widget below, and follow the guys on facebook or twitter!

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